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Young woman undergoing procedure of permanent lip makeup in tattoo salon, top view_edited.

Saline Lightening/Removal

  • 45 min
  • From 75 Canadian dollars
  • Banwood Square

Service Description

This is a process that involves either a handheld tool and/or tattoo machine, small 3 0r 5 needle to penetrate the tattooed are of skin with a saline solution to break up and lift pigment from skin. How this works is, the solution pulls the ink to the surface of the skin, then as it starts healing it forms scabs within few days of the service. Therefore, causing the pigment to dry up in forms of scabs. As the scabs fall off naturally (not picking at them) the pigment tends to come off with it. This could take minimum of 2 sessions or more depending on types of ink used, age, and depth of tattoo. Emergency removal is slightly different process. It has to be done within 48hrs but with best success of within 24hrs while tattoo is still kind of fresh and has not closed yet. The process doesn't entail any tattoo tools to be used. Just warm wash cloth to open up skin, then apply saline solution and rub gently as it sits on skin with a micro-scrub brush to lift pigment up. The down time is typically 7-10 days with avoiding water, saunas, sun, and then reassessed in 8wks to determine success and the necessary steps to follow.

Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel your appointment for ANY reason, please contact me no less than 48 hours prior to. Otherwise, you will have forfeited your deposit and will need to pay another deposit for rebooking any further services. Thank you for understanding.

Contact Details

  • 3335 Banwell Rd, Windsor, ON, Canada


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